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Yoga Props

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  1. Sku: 52LMN
    For Core-Sculpting Exercises, balance, and yoga. Better for people 6' and over. Designed with Anti-Burst technology.
  2. Sku: YW
    Wacces Yoga Wheel is a unique versatile tool that offers countless benefits to yogis of all levels.
  3. Sku: VYBlock

    Wacces fitness products are proven to be the choice of many exercise and fitness lovers. This Wacces Yoga Block is perfect for those house exercises.


  4. Sku: VYS
    Features multiple loops to safely target major muscle groups
  5. Sku: YBMX
    Stretch it out with Wacces D-Ring Belt Yoga Strap! Use this strap to increase your range of motion and reach more challenging poses with correct posture.

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