When it comes to exercise, fitness, and health in general for that matter, many people don’t realise that by performing various types of physical exercise and activity, they’re actually doing more harm than good and are causing themselves a great deal of pain and discomfort in the process. Before and after any workout it is recommended that we perform a basic warm up routine consisting of various stretches and movements to help get our blood flowing, to loosen stiff muscles, to prevent the likelihood of injury, and to help ensure we’re as comfortable and pain free as possible. Over the last few years, foam rolling has proven incredibly popular and beneficial indeed, and rightfully so. Here we’ll be taking a look at four amazing benefits of foam rolling, which will hopefully encourage you to experience them on your own.


It helps to reduce inflammation and joint pain – One of the main reasons why so many people are now making use of foam rollers is the fact that foam rolling has been proven to help drastically reduce joint pain and inflammation. Once you roll over each muscle, you basically roll through it and lengthen, which mimics the effects of a deep tissue massage. You’re able to apply as much, or as little, pressure as you want which in turn can help to reduce inflammation and joint pain. The main reason for this is that you’re allowing more nutrient and oxygen-rich blood to be carried into the muscles, which in turn will speed up the recovery process and help fight inflammation.


Enhance circulation – As mentioned above, when we use foam rollers we allow more oxygen and nutrient-rich blood to be transported around our bodies to our various joints and muscles. The main reason why our circulation improves so substantially is that by foam rolling, we’re helping to clear away toxins, reduce scar tissue, and reduce lactic acid build ups. All of this results in clearer pathways for our blood to circulate, meaning our circulation improves as a result.


Enhance athletic performance – Another great benefit of foam rolling is that it has been proven to help enhance athletic performance in individuals of all shapes and sizes. The main reason for this is that as it allows more blood to circulate through our bodies, more oxygen and nutrients can be transported around our bodies and supplied to our muscles, or rather the cells which make up our muscles, which means they have more energy. The more oxygen and vital nutrients we can pump into our muscles, the harder they can work and the longer they can work before they fatigue. Foam rolling also reduced lactic acid build ups, which means we can exercise for longer before our muscles begin to cramp up as they fatigue as a result of the lactic acid.


Helps to speed up injuries recovery – If we happen to be suffering from painful and nagging injuries, this could be the result of stubborn scar tissue that needs breaking up because it has formed stiff knots which may be affecting mobility and range of motion. Foam rolling breaks down scar tissue so that nagging injuries heal quicker, and so that we enjoy better range of motion with much less pain and discomfort in the process.