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Body weight squats are veritable means of getting fits. Squatting is very a good body weight exercise that will increase the flow of blood in your legs and also make you stronger. Engaging squat exercises will help you also to tone your lower body. One good aspect of this leg workout is that you do not require any weights or any other exercise tool in order to perform basic squat. Your body is the only weight you need. Secondly, it can be done in many environments. You can do it at home, in your office, hotel rooms, school and any place that you deem right. Doing body weight squats is very simple. First start the body weight exercise with little warm up exercise. You can stretch your legs and lower back as a preparatory exercise.

It is advisable that you wear a brace to support your knee if you have a problem within it. Alternatively, you can tape around the knee. Begin the exercise by pushing your arms forward so that they will be parallel to the ground. Your palm should face down. Separate your feet so that they are shoulder width apart. Keep your spine and back straight and bend your legs slowly. Look straight in order not to bend your heads. Continue bending until your thighs are perpendicular to the knees. Go back to your starting position and then repeat the leg workout at least ten times before going for a short break. After resting for few minutes, drink water and then try doing another set. By performing the exercise regularly, you will gradually increase your intensity and overcome the initial pain you will experience. There is no doubt that many people may not consider squat as a serious body weight exercise because it seems to be simple. But the truth is that body weight squats give a number of benefits. In the first instance, in squatting, the entire body weight is utilized.

As you utilize the entire body weight in squatting, more fats are burnt, and you will become stronger. If you perform the leg workout with resistance bands or weight, you will get more benefits because the tools will add more weight to your body. Since the entire body weight is utilized during the exercise, by doing squats you will end up working out more muscles. As you build more muscles mass by performing the exercise, your metabolic process will be enhanced, and more calories will be burnt down. Squats also have cardiovascular benefits. Lowering yourself down and raising it again will make you breathe deeply. Thus, you will take in more oxygen as you perform the exercise. The exertion of the muscles of the cardiovascular system will help to improve your cardiovascular system.