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Fitness Cushion Disc - Red

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Useful for posture support, and improving balance & flexibility.



With Wacces Balance Disc, you can improve balance and stability, tone your entire body, activate muscles and increase strength. By adding a balance challenge, you are not only constantly engaging your core, you are toning all the muscles in your body for a more efficient workout. Balance Cushions Disc is great for sitting, standing and lying exercises. This Deluxe cushion is made of soft pliable PVC. It has two textures surfaces, spiked bottom and pebbled top, which provides constant stimulation and help. The balance cushion is great for balance training, essential for rehabilitation and massage therapy.

Wacces Balance disc is perfect for sitting and provides the same benefits as sitting on an exercise ball, such as better sitting posture. It can also be used in exercise to provide an unstable surface, forcing you to use more muscles to remain balanced, thus getting a more complete workout.

The Cushion Discs are also used by parents and teachers as "wiggle seats" that help active children sit still.

When you start using balance disc as a seat cushion, build up your time on it gradually. If you experience any low back pain, consult your medical provider and consider using it in other way.



Air filled cushion made of soft, pliable PVC 
Great for sitting, standing, and lying exercises. 
Two textures surfaces, spiked bottom and pebbled top, provides constant stimulation. 
Great for balance training and essential for rehabilitation and massage therapy. 
Popularly used as a child's wiggle seats.



1 x Cushion disc ( Red )


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