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Body Building Resistance Band: Five (5) Piece Set

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Wacces Body Building Basic Training Set consist of Layered Loop Bands which are Ideal for Individual Users from Beginners to Athletes.




 Why the resistance bands are better that the free weights?

The first and most obvious advantage is how much easier they will fit into your luggage compared with free weights. There is also a mechanical advantage in resistance bands that resistance is maintained through every part of the motion while many similar free weight exercises are actually non performing work during parts of the lift when movement isn't against gravity at a large enough angle.With your resistance band training, every part of both the concentric and eccentric part of the exercise has resistance, resulting in better range of motion strength and more complete stimulation.

This Wacces Bodybuilding advanced resistance bands set is an ideal portable gym, that you can you at home, in a work place, or outside while you enjoy sunshine and pleasant wind.

It comes in a set of 5 bands of different resistance levels, colors and dimensions. These bands are meant to meet different fitness needs. They fit well for the variety of training types such as strength, isometric, resistance, yoga, flexibility, pull up assistance, CrossFit, and P90X. So, whatever your fitness goal is, you can achieve it with this body building bands set of 5 resistance levels. The bands are available in the same length and circumference. The length is 41" while the circumference is 82". Each color represents a specific resistance level.

Each Wacces band made from strong durable rubber. You can use them for many years and they will not lose their elasticity and strength. They beat molded bands in performance, strength and durability. Body Building Bands for CrossFit resistance bands are versatile exercise bands. Since bands are available in different resistance levels, they can be used by any sport enthusiast or athlete of any fitness level.

Engage in more challenging workout using this Wacces resistance bands set!

The bands are good addition to any person’s home gym. However, they can also be used outside the home. They are very portable and resilient and so can easily be carried along by athletes on the go.



  • This Set includes the 1/2", 3/4", 1 1/8", 1 3/4" , 2 1/2" Bands with resistance levels ranging from 10 to 150 lbs.
  • Great As Assisted Pull Up Bands, Weight Lifting Bands, Pilates Bands and Flex Bands.
  • Overload your squats or use these for assisted chin-ups.
  • Great for all pulling and pushing movements when you lift.
  • Substitute or Supplement Your Entire Gym Workout. Over 150 possible exercises.
  • Regardless of your fitness level, these bands are guaranteed to help you reach your exercise and fitness goals.
  • Great Set for Strength Training, Resistance Training, Isometric Training, P90X, and Pull Up Assistance.
  • Each Band has a 41" Lay Flat Length and has 82" Circular Circumference.
  • Wacces Body Building Basic Training Set consist of Layered Loop Bands which are Ideal for Individual Users from Beginners to Athletes.
  • These Bands are Made by Layering a Continuous Sheet of Rubber for extra Strength and Durability. Most durable bands ever made


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